Welcome to the Joink Residential Fiber internet launch!

We're ready to hook you and your neighbors up, but we need your help.

Our crews are ready to build our next section of fiber internet, but where should we begin? Select your county on the right, then enter your address. If you're in one of our designated areas, fill out the quick survey and we'll count you towards our target goal for your neighborhood. Once your neighborhood gets to the target we'll start working on building out the houses and hooking you up to Joink Residential Fiber internet. By signing up you'll also get updates along the way on where your project stands.

Select the area you live in:

Get Faster Internet First

By taking our survey and ordering services, you show us where demand is greatest. If our technical assessment ensures feasibility we will build first to those who want it most.

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Getting Fiber is a Team Effort

We need pre-committed customers to justify building our network in your neighborhood. The best way to get service faster is to spread the word among your neighbors.

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Benefits of Fiber-optics

Fiber-optics is the best technology for delivering internet service to homes and businesses. Fiber Internet is more than 100x faster than what most people have today.

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