We’re bringing faster Internet to your area!

Who's getting faster internet first? It could be you and your neighbors! Let us explain how it works:

By registering and ordering services through this site, you show us where demand for our service is greatest. We're working hard to get our fiber product out to everyone, but our team can only move so quickly. This means we need to focus our efforts on those areas with the most demand. We're looking to you to help us choose those areas. We've highlighted your neighborhood as one we would like expand to, now we need you to help encourage your neighbors to move your neighborhood to the top of our list.

Step 1, Sign Up: Fill out our sign up form and answer a few basic questions to show your interest in high-speed Internet. Easy enough.

Step 2, Gather Interest: You’re getting closer to getting better internet! Convince your neighbors to sign up, and push your neighborhood towards our sign up threshold and we’ll soon be deploying to your area.

Step 3, Construction: Well done! You’ve passed the threshold and the build-out in your area begins.

Step 4, Connected: Congratulations! You and your neighbors are now surfing in lightning speed with Joink Residential Fiber!